Two companies, one mission: coloring the world with integrated plastics technologies

Hamilton Plastic Systems Ltd.

Since 1965, Hamilton Plastic Systems Ltd. has been a leading supplier of auxiliary and capital machinery to the plastics processing industry. As the trend towards a single source supplier developed, Hamilton turned its attention to providing solutions, not only for the capital processing machinery, but all of the equipment necessary to optimize production output.

Hamilton develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports a wide range of plastic material conveying, blending and conditioning machinery used in the plastic processing industry.

Our equipment includes Vacuum, pneumatic, and mechanical material conveying, volumetric and gravimetric blending, hot air and dehumidifying material drying, water and oil heating and cooling machinery, granulation and scrap recovery systems, silos for outside and inside material storage, product conveyors and transfer systems.

In spite of our growth, we are structured to handle requirements as simple as one hopper loader, dryer or belt conveyor, to the planning, manufacturing and installation of integrated, microprocessor controlled bulk and in-plant systems.

We have earned our position as a leading manufacturer and supplier to the plastics industry by concentrating our resources on innovative ways to automate material flow, by servicing our customers promptly and by maintaining large finished units and spare parts inventory.

We have the resources, people and variety of equipment to help our plastics processing customers promptly. You will find the engineering, manufacturing and field service assistance needed to solve your toughest productivity problems economically.

Movacolor B.V.

For almost three decades, Movacolor B.V. has been dedicated to coloring the world in a sustainable way. We do so by developing high-precision gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems. Our knowledge, experience and innovation capabilities are invested in a comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly products. These work easily and effortlessly together in advanced systems that conserve additives, increase production flexibility and deliver excellent results.

Movacolor is the first choice of plastics producers worldwide that strive for excellence in both injection molding and extrusion. We do not simply meet our customers’ demands for stable production, high quality, improved efficiency and lower costs and scrap volumes - we exceed them because of our constant stream of innovations in dosing technology.

The Movacolor dosing technique is based on the in-line dosing of masterbatch, powder, regrind or liquid colorants into virgin material. Movacolor systems meet the need for high volume, quality and reliability in the dosing of masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquids for producers of PET preforms toys, household goods, automotive components, packaging, medical devices, profiles, pipes, cables, sheets, film and many other products.

Hamilton and Movacolor help you achieve key business priorities:

  • Cost control
  • Constant quality
  • More flexibility in your production processes