Accuracy in coloring plastic products

Each individual product that leaves your production line must meet the same high quality standards for color consistency. That means that each shot of color, shot after shot, day after day, must meet precise standards of quantity and quality. This is the level of accuracy that Movacolor dosing systems deliver.

Movacolor measures accuracy shot by shot because that is what is important to you. Some manufacturers advertise accuracy using statistics based on averages. Measuring averages leaves open the possibility for a high percentage of individual doses to be over or under the correct dose, so long as the average of all those doses is within acceptable range.

Each of those over or under doses may be rejected for color inconsistency when inspected by your quality control team, even though the “average” dose was acceptable. For the producer, it is the individual result, not the average of all results that determines whether each individual product will meet its color quality standard.

High accuracy results in savings on expensive colorant

The Movacolor gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems produce accurate doses. This results in savings on masterbatch, powder and liquid colorant. Operators will no longer need to raise the colorant level to attempt to reduce color inconsistency. In addition. the Movacolor systems permit the use of regrind, offering savings via the reuse of rejects and sprouts.

High accuracy results in higher quality end products

Movacolor’s gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems prevent over and under dosing and simultaneously ensure a stable coloring process. The dosing cylinder introduces the colorant directly into the main material which prevents color separation. Consistent color contributes to a high quality end product, reduces scrap, minimizes rejects and increases profit.

High accuracy, high productivity

Movacolor’s high accuracy dosing system promotes stable production in both the injection molding an extrusion production processes. This results in less scrap and higher productivity.

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