Cost reduction in dosing masterbatch, powder, regrind and liquids

Cost reduction in purchasing

The first saving is achieved by purchasing a gravimetric or volumetric Movacolor dosing unit. The pay-back period can be as low as a few weeks.

Cost reduction in use of colorants

Through accurate dosing plastic producers worldwide save on expensive colorants like masterbatch, powder and liquids, but also on catalyst, slip agent, waxes, etcetera. We make it possible by using our unique method for a constant and accurate dosing flow. Why we are so sure that plastic producers reduce the use of colorants? There will be no overdosing. This we measure from shot to shot.

Cost reduction through reduction of rejects

An accurate gravimetric or volumetric dosing system which operates stable reduces rejects, and can lower your scrap rate with more than 80%. A higher quality is the result.

Cost reduction in labor

As the Movacolor dosing units are easy to operate one saves on labor costs. Changing colorants and cleaning can be performed very easy. It is saving expensive labor in which the operator can spend his energy on the total line instead of on the dosing units.

Cost reduction preventing in-line down time

Due to our quick color change, the expensive down time of your line is limited, and a new (sellable) product is produced within minutes. Where in many cases color change is taking 20 minutes, the Movacolor units are ready for production within the minute.

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