Dosing systems which are easy to operate

Easy to use dosing systems

Movacolor understands that ease of operation is a must in a plastics production factory and we design Movacolor dosing systems to be simple to operate as well as accurate and reliable. Movacolor dosing systems can be installed and production started in a matter of minutes. It is equally quick and easy to change colors and clean the equipment.

Ease of Operation - Start-up

Movacolor’s gravimetric and volumetric dosing systems offer plastic producers worldwide simple and efficient start-up for injection molding and extrusion production. Color calibration is quick and easy and several of our units have an automatic recipe storage function. We offer a range of controllers that range from basic to touch screen complete with self-explanatory menus.

Ease of Operation - Production

Movacolor systems help you maintain stable production. Color changes are accomplished within minutes because the dosing systems can be installed, changed, cleaned and calibrated so simply and quickly. The dosing systems also warn operators of problems such as lack of material, so that an efficient solution can be implemented and production can continue. The MCSMart software also allows all dosing units to be controlled from just one computer, increasing efficiency and control.

Ease of Operation - Downtime

Movacolor systems are modular, making cleaning and adjustment quick and easy. Reducing down-time is important to the profitability of every plastics producer.

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