Monitoring of the production process in injection molding and extrusion

Plastics producers require control over the complete dosing process. The line equipment must perform properly and the operators must use the equipment as it is designed. Rapid identification and correction of errors or variations is critical to return production to efficient and error free performance.

Movacolor dosing systems monitor themselves at three levels:

  1. Data is stored in the dosing unit
  2. Data is logged from the dosing unit into a PC spread sheet
  3. Data is integrated into management information systems via the PC

Traceability through dosing systems

All Movacolor gravimetric systems, including the MC-Balance, MCliquid and Multi-component systems, include a performance tracing option. The user can customize a portion of the data collected. These systems store essential operating data in their internal memory using a data buffer. The operator has immediate access to a data list that covers the most recent production period.

Traceability through a computer

Multiple dosing units can be monitored by connecting the MCBalance or Multi-component systems to a standard PC. The user can view the latest production data by downloading the information in the equipment data buffer. The data can then be imported to a spreadsheet or other analytical tool and reviewed by the user. If the PC is permanently connected to the dosing system, the PC will serve as the data logger and increase the storage capacity of the equipment beyond the most recent production period.

Traceability through management information system MCSmart

Movacolor has developed MCSmart software to connect several Movacolor dosing units to a single data collection system. This system collects data simultaneously from each system and exchanges data among the units. The dosing units collect and transmit each start and stop of production, speed of production, cycle times and other important control data.

The data are then organized and displayed using icons, graphs and tables. In this way the MCSmart software provides management with critical information on the consumption of the individual dosing unit and the productivity of each production machine.

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